Accepted Papers

List of Papers at LFCS 16

  1. Antonis Achilleos. Modal Logics with Hard Diamond-free Fragment
  2. Evangelia Antonakos. Pairing Traditional and Generic Common Knowledge
  3. Sergei Artemov. On Aggregating Probabilistic Evidence
  4. Marco Devesas Campos and Marcelo Fiore. Classical Logic with Mendler Induction—A Dual Calculus and its Strong Normalization
  5. Douglas Cenzer, Jeffrey Remmel and Victor Marek. Index sets for finite normal predicate logic programs with function symbols
  6. Alex Citkin. Multiple Conclusion Rules in Logics with the Disjunction Property
  7. Nathanaël Fijalkow. The Online Complexity of Probabilistic Languages
  8. Henrik Forssell, Håkon Gylterud and David I. Spivak. Type theoretical databases
  9. Bernhard Heinemann. Augmenting Subset Spaces to Cope with Multi-Agent Knowledge
  10. Harley Eades Iii and Valeria de Paiva. Multiple Conclusion Linear Logic: Cut Elimination and more
  11. Max Kanovich, Stepan Kuznetsov and Andre Scedrov. On Lambek’s Restriction in the Presence of Exponential Modalities
  13. Ioannis Kokkinis, Zoran Ognjanovic and Thomas Studer. Probabilistic Justification Logic
  14. Vladimir Krupski and Alexey Yatmanov. Sequent Calculus for Intuitionistic Epistemic Logic IEL
  15. Roman Kuznets. Interpolation Method for Multicomponent Sequent Calculi
  16. Daniel R. Licata and Michael Shulman. Adjoint logic with a 2-category of modes
  17. Robert Lubarsky. Parallel Feedback Turing Computability
  18. Scott Messick. Compactness in the Theory of Continuous Automata
  19. Matteo Mio and Henryk Michalewski. Measure Quantifier in Monadic Second Order Logic
  20. Shoshin Nomura, Hiroakira Ono and Katsuhiko Sano. A Cut-free Labelled Sequent Calculus for Dynamic Epistemic Logic
  21. Iosif Petrakis. The Urysohn Extension Theorem for Bishop Spaces
  22. Tudor Protopopescu. An Arithmetical Interpretation of Verification and Intuitionistic Knowledge
  23. R. Ramanujam and Ramanathan S. Thinniyam. Definability in First Order Theories of Graph Orderings
  24. R. Ramanujam, Vaishnavi Sundararajan and S P Suresh. Complexity of fragments of intuitionistic logic with disjunction
  25. Vladimir Rybakov. Intransitive Temporal Multi-Agent’s Logic, Knowledge and Uncertainty, Plausibility
  26. Alexey Sorokin. Ogden property for linear displacement context-free grammars
  27. Richard Statman. Levy labels and recursive types