Accepted Papers

List of Papers at LFCS 18

  1. Antonis Achilleos. The Completeness Problem for Modal Logic
  2. Sergei Artemov. Justification Awareness Models
  3. Matthias Baaz, Alexander Leitsch and Anela Lolic. A Sequent-Calculus Based Formulation of the Extended First Epsilon Theorem
  4.   Simone Barlocco and Clemens Kupke. Angluin Learning via Logic
  5.  Lev Beklemishev. A universal algebra for the variable-free fragment of RC^\nabla
  6. Kai Br├╝nnler, Dandolo Flumini and Thomas Studer. A Logic of Blockchain Updates
  7. Agata Ciabattoni, Tim Lyon and Revantha Ramanayake. From Display to Labelled Proofs for Tense Logics
  8. Liron Cohen and Arnon Avron. A Minimal Computational Theory of a Minimal Computational Universe
  9. Hannes Diener and Robert Lubarsky. Notions of Cauchyness and Metastability
  10. Thomas Ferguson. A Godel-Artemov-Style Analysis of Constructible Falsity
  11. Miika Hannula, Juha Kontinen and Jonni Virtema. Polyteam Semantics
  12. Vladimir Krupski. On the sharpness and the injective property of basic justification models
  13. Yanhong A. Liu and Scott Stoller. Founded Semantics and Constraint Semantics of Logic Rules
  14. Robert Lubarsky. Separating the Fan Theorem and Its Weakenings II
  15. Valeria de Paiva and Harley Eades Iii. Dialectica Categories for the Lambek Calculus
  16. V. Peluce. On Moore and Related Epistemic Paradoxes
  17. Benjamin Ralph. A Natural Proof System for Herbrand’s Theorem
  18. Sam Sanders. Metastability and higher-order computability theory
  19. Nenad Savic, Silvia Ghilezan, Jelena Ivetic, Zoran Ognjanovic and Simona Kasterovic. Probabilistic reasoning about simply typed lambda terms
  20. Richard Statman. Completeness of BCD for an operational semantics
  21. Junhua Yu. A Tableau System for Instantial Neighborhood Logic
  22. Alexander Zapryagaev and Fedor Pakhomov. Interpretations in Presburger Arithmetic