Accepted Papers

List of Papers at LFCS 20

  1. Nathanael Ackerman, Cameron Freer and Rehana Patel. Indestructibility on Sets of Positive Upper Density
  2. Nathanael Ackerman, Cameron Freer and Rehana Patel. Computability of Algebraic and Definable Closure
  3. Sergei Artemov. Epistemic Modeling with Unknown Worlds
  4. Tiziano Dalmonte, Bjoern Lellmann, Nicola Olivetti and Elaine Pimentel. Countermodel construction via optimal hypersequent calculi for non-normal modal logics
  5. Yannick Forster, Dominik Kirst and Dominik Wehr. Completeness Theorems for First-Order Logic Analysed in Constructive Type Theory
  6. Hirohiko Kushida. On the Constructive Truth and Falsity in Peano Arithmetic
  7. Eveline Lehmann and Thomas Studer. Belief expansion in subset models
  8. Daniel Leivant. Finitism, concrete programs and primitive recursion
  9. Yanhong A. Liu and Scott Stoller. Knowledge of Uncertain Worlds: Programming with Logical Constraints
  10. Anela Lolic and Matthias Baaz. A Globally Sound Analytic Calculus for Henkin Quantifiers
  11. Robert Lubarsky. Feedback Hyperjump
  12. Tim Lyon. Syntactic Cut-Elimination for Intuitionistic Fuzzy Logic via Linear Nested Sequents
  13. Tim Lyon. On Deriving Nested Calculi for Intuitionistic Logics from Semantic Systems
  14. Yasir Mahmood, Arne Meier and Johannes Schmidt. Parameterised Complexity of Abduction in Schaefer’s Framework
  15. Diogo Po├žas and Jeffery Zucker. Tracking computability of GPAC-generable functions
  16. Daniel Rogozin. Modal type theory based on the intuitionistic modal logic IEL^-
  17. Sam Sanders. Lifting recursive counterexamples to higher-order arithmetic
  18. Dan Willard. On the Tender Line Separating Generalizations and Boundary-Case Exceptions for the Second Incompleteness Theorem under Semantic Tableaux Deduction