Accepted Papers

  1. Stefano Aguzzoli, Simone Bova and Vincenzo Marra. Applications of finite duality to locally finite varieties of BL-algebras
  2. Carlos Areces, Santiago Figueira and Sergio Mera. Completeness Results for Memory Logics
  3. Arnon Avron and Anna Zamansky. Canonical Signed Calculi, Non-deterministic Matrices, and Cut-elimination
  4. Pedro Baltazar and Paulo Mateus. Temporalization of probabilistic propositional logic
  5. Nicolas Bedon. Logic and bounded-width rational languages of posets over countable scattered linear orderings
  6. Eduardo Bonelli and Federico Feller. The Logic of Proofs as a Foundation for Certifying Mobile Computation
  7. Thomas Brihaye, Arnaud Da Costa, Francois Laroussinie and Nicolas Markey. ATL with strategy contexts and bounded memory
  8. Antonio Bucciarelli, Thomas Ehrhard and Giulio Manzonetto. A relational model of a parallel and non-deterministic lambda calculus
  9. Sam Buss and Roman Kuznets. The NP-Completeness of Reflected Fragments of Justification Logics
  10. Ugo Dal Lago, Luca Roversi and Luca Vercelli. Taming Modal Impredicativity: Superlazy Reduction
  11. Renata de Freitas, Sheila Veloso, Paulo Veloso and Petrucio Viana. Positive Fork Graph Calculus
  12. Elisabetta De Maria, Angelo Montanari and Nicola Vitacolonna. Games on strings with a limited order relation
  13. Amelie Gheerbrant and Balder ten Cate. Complete axiomatizations of MSO, FO(TC1) and FO(LFP1) on finite trees
  14. Valentin Goranko and Dmitry Shkatov. Tableau-based procedure for deciding satisfiability in the full coalitional multiagent epistemic logic
  15. Stefan Hetzl, Alexander Leitsch, Daniel Weller and Bruno Woltzenlogel Paleo. A Clausal Approach to Proof Analysis in Second-Order Logic
  16. Rosalie Iemhoff and George Metcalfe. Hypersequent Systems for the Admissible Rules of Modal and Intermediate Logics
  17. Max Kanovich. Light Linear Logic with Controlled Weakening: A Missing Opportunity
  18. Uwe Keller and Stijn Heymans. Fuzzy Description Logic Reasoning using a Fixpoint Algorithm
  19. Jakub Kozik and Antoine Genitrini. Quantitative comparison of Intuitionistic and Classical logics – full propositional system
  20. Hidenori Kurokawa. Tableaus and Hypersequents for Justification Logic
  21. Robert Lubarsky. Topological Forcing Semantics with Settling
  22. Victor Marek and Jeffrey Remmel. Automata and Answer Set Programming
  23. Andrea Masini, Luca Vigano and Marco Volpe. A Labeled Natural Deduction System for a Fragment of CTL*
  24. Robert Milnikel. Conservativity for Logics of Justified Belief
  25. Wojciech Moczydlowski. Unifying Sets and Programs via Dependent Types
  26. Yury Savateev. Product-free Lambek Calculus is NP-complete
  27. Anil Seth. Games on Multi-Stack Pushdown Systems
  28. Phiniki Stouppa and Thomas Studer. Data Privacy for ALC Knowledge Bases
  29. Kohtaro Tadaki. Fixed point theorems on partial randomness
  30. Sebastiaan Terwijn. Decidability and undecidability in probability logic
  31. James Worthington. A Bialgebraic Approach to Automata and Formal Language Theory